Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How to set a Citizen Eco-Drive watch

This is English instructions for Citizen Eco-Drive watches one particular model - BL5XXX that probably similar other Eco-Drive watches model on Joho the Blog.

It's instructions include how to Changing modes, Setting the Perpetual Calendar, Setting the time, Setting the date, Using the stopwatch (chronograph) , Using local time and setting alarm.

Here is Link for instructions for Citizen Eco-Drive watches:

Friday, August 15, 2008

JY0000-53E CITIZEN Eco-Drive Skyhawk

CITIZEN Eco-Drive Skyhawk

Product Features
- Eco-Drive Technology - Charges in sunlight or indoors
- SkyHawk Global Atomic Timekeeping (AT) Chronograph with Radio-Controlled Accuracy
- World Time in 43 Cities, 2 Alarms and 99 Minute Countdown Timer
- Perpetual Calendar 200 meter water-resistant Watch with GMT Display
- Black Dial with Digital Display Light, and Stainless Steel Case and Bracelet

Customer Review

Skyhawk A-T: All the features I wanted

I spent a good three weeks researching various watches to replace the automatic that was failing to keep time. I was looking at the Citizen Calibre line of watches as well as the Seiko Coutura line, but I finally decided that the Citizen Skyhawk A-T was the only watch that had the three features that I really wanted:

- Battery-free operation
- Atomic clock accuracy
- Backlight

Like others, I was a bit concerned about the size and weight, and I did try on the titanium version, which costs $150 more, but I found that it was *too* light. It felt like I was wearing tinfoil. The stainless steel has a "reassuring, solid heft" to it, but it's by no means too heavy. And, the attractive dial is continually attracting comments. Not to mention that the hands and large markers are easy to read against the black dial. It's a very striking watch, and quite noticeable.

Feature-wise, this watch is jammed-pack, which is quite amazing when you consider it's a solar-powered watch: time in 43 cities, countdown timer, chronometer, perpetual calendar, two alarms, and an atomic clock radio receiver??? I was a little concerned about it not getting enough light as I work in an office and wear long-sleeved shirts, but the power gauge never goes below "full charge." Very reassuring, indeed. It was really amazing to pull it out of the box when I first got it, and all the needles starting spinning to put the watch to the correct time.

The only problem I've had was with the daylight saving time feature. As I live in Phoenix, we don't observe DST (who needs an extra hour of 120 degree heat!), and so I set the clock to Denver time and turned the DST off. But, every night, when the watch would receive the signal from the atomic clock in Colorado, I would wake up finding it an hour later than it really was, as the watch would automatically turn DST back on. After pouring through the manual, I found that you had to both turn off DST for the city the watch is set to, as well as turn it off for the atomic signal update. To do this second step, you have to set the sub-dial to RX-S and turn the "SMT" feature to "Ma." This essentially keeps the atomic clock signal from updating the DST feature.

With that figured out, I really found that I enjoy this watch immensely. It is a truly complicated watch--probably one of the most complicated I own, but the instructions are very clear. Also, I hear what other reviewers say about the backlight only showing the date, but you can easily pull out the crown and switch between date and time, so if you put it on "TIME," the backlight will display the time in the LCD. So, generally, I keep the watch on the calendar feature, so I know the date. But if I need to turn on the backlight to see the time, I pull out the crown, turn it one-quarter clockwise to the "TIME" selection, and push the light button. It sounds like a pain, but it really isn't. I find that I could do this quickly and easily, even in a darkened movie theater. The trick is to keep both LCDs on your home time, so that the analog dial and the digital LCD show the same time.

As for the links on the band, I wouldn't recommend trying to remove them yourself. I tried using a thumb tack, as another review suggested, but it seemed that I had to force them out, and it felt like I was damaging the pins. So, I stopped at a local jeweler who sized my watch for $5.

So, in conclusion I've owned many different watches over the years, including a Seiko Kinetic, which I really loved. But this is the first watch that I feel that would actually serve me for many years to come.

By Eric Nanneman

Sunday, August 3, 2008

AT0400-57E CITIZEN Eco-Drive Titanium Watch

CITIZEN AT0400-57E Eco-Drive Titanium Watch

AT0400-57E Information
Model: AT0400-57E
Dial window material type: Mineral
Clasp: fold-over-push-button-clasp-with-safety
Case material: Titanium
Case diameter: 40 millimeters
Case Thickness: 10 millimeters
Band material: Titanium
Band length: mens
Band width: 21 millimeters
Dial color: Black
Bezel material: Titanium
Bezel Function: stationary
Calendar: Date
Movement: Citizen Eco-Drive
Water resistant depth: 100 Feet
Warranty Type: 5-yr manufacturer warranty

AT0400-57E Description
This men's Eco-Drive timepiece is a perfect fit. From the titanium case and bracelet and 1 second chronograph to the 12/24 hour time indicator, the consistent timepiece offers variety with style. Additional features include a date indicator, screw-back case and water resistant to 100 meters.

Customer Review AT0400-57E
I purchased this watch with a specific set of features in mind: thin, lightweight, battery-free, with a chronograph. This is my first Citizen watch and I am already very impressed. Any watch-wearer must understand the difficulty of finding a metal-banded watch that doesn't weigh too much. I personally prefer metal bands; yet I despise over-sized, heavy watches. The titanium construction solves this problem. Moreover, I have smaller than average wrists; here too, the 10mm thickness and 40mm case diameter make for a watch that looks and feels quite appropriate for my small wrists.

The titanium construction also means the watch is free from the gaudy chrome-finished look of stainless steel. The finish is, in fact, slightly darker than the picture. But otherwise the actual look of the watch closely approximates the photo.

And lastly, the price is unbeatable for a watch with these features - even compared with other Citizen watches. There are no qualms from this buyer. Highly recommended!

(I will report back later on its long-term quality).
By T. Simmons

How do Citizen Eco Drive watches work

The secret of citizen eco drive watches is the way that light is absorbed, stored and then released by the citizen eco drive to power the watch.
- The dial on eco drive watches is made from ceramic or a special plastic. This allows the light sensitive panel that is hidden in eco drive watches to absorb enough light to power the watch.

Light sensitive panel
- In eco drive watches there is a light sensitive photo electric cell hidden right underneath the dial. This panel converts light into electrical energy even in low light. A few minutes of winters dayligh provides enough energy to run a eco drive watch for a day.

Secondary Battery
- The energy that is produced is stored in a lithium battery and then released as necessary to run the eco drive watch. This battery will allow the eco drive watch to run for up to 6 months in complete darkness before it will stop working.

Monday, July 21, 2008

EG2550-59D Citizen Silhouette Eco-Drive Watch

EG2550-59D Citizen Eco-Drive diamond watches for ladies, Stainless Steel case and band, 30m water resistant and Eco-Drive Technology.

Product Details
Brand : Citizen
Model number : EG2550-59D
Designed For : Ladie
Dial window material type : Scratch resistant mineral crystal
Movement : Precise Eco-Drive movement ( 240 Day power reserve when fully charged)
Case Material : Stainless Steel
Dial Color : Pearl dial
Band material : Stainless Steel
Band length : Womens-standard
Water Resistance : 30 M
Warranty : 5 Years Manufacturer

BJ8040-01E Citizen Professional Diver's 300 M Titanium Rubber Watch

BJ8040-01E Citizen's Professional Diver collection water resistant to 300 meters and ruggedly constructed, Titanium case, rubber band and Eco-Drive Technology.

Product Details
Brand : Citizen
Series : Dive Watches
Model number : BJ8040-01E
Designed For : Men
Dial window material type : Curved 6mm Scratch resistant mineral crystal
Movement : Precise Eco-Drive movement
Calendar Type : Date
Case Material : Titanium
Case diameter : 48 millimeters
Case Thickness : 18 millimeters
Dial Color Black
Band material : Black rubber strap
Band length : mens-standard
Water Resistance : 300 M
Warranty : 5 Years Manufacturer

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Review BL5250-02L Citizen Eco-drive Watch

BL5250-02L Citizen Eco-Drive Watch

Product Description
The Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar features a titanium case and deep blue dial. The timepiece features a 1/20 second chronograph that measures up to 60 minutes, 12/24 time, dual time, alarm, date indicator, and power saver function. Additional features include an inner calendar, which automatically adjusts to the proper date as well as leap years through the year 2100. Independent hour hand adjustment makes changing time zones simple and precise. The genuine leather strap features attractive white contrast stitching and buckle closure.

Product Details
- Brand: Citizen
- Model: BL5250-02L
- Band material: Leather
- Bezel material: Titanium
- Case material: Titanium
- Clasp type: Buckle
- Dial color: blue-grey
- Dial window material: Mineral
- Movement type: Citizen Eco-Drive
- Water-resistant to 660 feet

- Movement - Eco-Drive 270
- Water Resistant - 200 Meters(660ft) Water Resistant
- Crystal - Anti-glare Scratch Resistant Mineral Crystal

Customer Reviews

Fantastic Watch!
I am what many would call a watch nut and own over 30 ranging from Timex to Rolex. For me to buy a watch there has to be "something there" for me to get excited about. At $240, this is one of the very best buys on a fantastic watch that you can find! I was so impressed with this watch I purchased a second one as a gift for my father in law who by the way, was very impressed with the watch himself.

Before getting into all the things I like about this watch I want to point out one of the other reviewers posted a problem with the buckle on his watch having some "points" on it that dug into his wrist and made the watch uncomfortable to wear. This must be a factory defect as this is not the case with either of the two that I purchased. While the watch strap is not usually covered by warranty I know from 1st hand experience that Citizen has a dedicated and friendly customer service department and I believe if he contacts them he will find a new strap coming to him rather quickly. Also as to the strap, I have been disappointed somewhat in the past when purchasing a watch and the strap that comes with it is not substantial in length. I have a 7.25 inch wrist and this has not caused me a problem but I would readily notice if someone had a larger wrist they would have to go out and purchase a new and larger strap to be able to wear their new watch. The strap that comes with this citizen will allow someone with a larger wrist than mine to be able to wear this watch with the strap that comes on it. This is very good as I believe the supplied strap is very handsome on this watch.

The BL5250-02L is a marvelous little piece of technology at a very good price! At a suggested retail of $400 I have routinely found the watch at local authorized dealers at around $300. My watch was purchased on line for $240 with free shipping and for an additional $5 you could have "next day" shipping.

This watch comes to you very user friendly right out of the box. Along with the user manual also comes a mini disk that when played will have you understanding all the features, time settings and adjustments. You will have your watch set and on your wrist in about 10 minutes. Also, if you lose this information you may go to Citizen's web page and pull up the same info on an interactive video.

The Echo Drive models have a power cell in them that is charged by available light so there is no battery change ever! The perpetual calendar allows you to set the watch once and then it recognizes short months along with leap years so there is no further adjustment for that. Also, there is a duel time zone feature. I use this for setting the second time zone to address the yearly time change of one hour. Doing this with the simple turn of the dial my watch snaps into Daylight savings time mode and then back with another turn when the time comes to go back. It just does not get easier than that.

The rotating bezel certainly may be used for more than just looks. One of the ways I use mine is when I plug a parking meter. I just rotate the bezel so my minute hand moving toward the marker allows me to quickly see when I need to be back at my car. The alarm function works but it is not very noticeable. I have two Seiko's that have a very audible and piercing sound. In this area I have to say Citizen could improve the watch. However, I do notice it if I am awake. I just don't know if it would wake me from a deep sleep.

The finish of the watch is very nice and the strap is very comfortable to wear. The watch while feeling very solid is not as heavy as you may would expect and it wears very nicely on the wrist. The watch is advertised as a "deep blue" face and that is an understatement. For all purposes except in direct sunlight it is black. This does not bother me at all because it looks great and again, in direct sunlight it does have a blue hew that looks good also. Besides great function and price another strong point on this watch is the luminosity of the hands and markers. With over 30 watches my Seiko's seem to have a lock on that area but this citizen comes in a very, very close second. After being outside all day I can read my watch all night long from my darkened bedroom.

Last but not least, this watch comes with a five year warranty and as I stated before, Citizen has great customer service.

I have just touched on the many features of this finely made watch and for you that do not like straps and would prefer a bracelet, Citizen offers the same watch on a bracelet as model number, BL5250-53L. It retails for $500, local price around $400, web price $300.

I rate this watch a solid 4 out of a possible 5 stars. I would have given it 4.5 if the alarm were more noticeable. I am very picky and I did not even rate my Rolex 5 stars. I highly recommend this watch and would but purchase it again. In fact, I did when I purchased one for my father in law. If this watch appeals to your eye buy it! Price, functions, ease of use, warranty, and customer service is just icing on the cake!