Sunday, August 3, 2008

How do Citizen Eco Drive watches work

The secret of citizen eco drive watches is the way that light is absorbed, stored and then released by the citizen eco drive to power the watch.
- The dial on eco drive watches is made from ceramic or a special plastic. This allows the light sensitive panel that is hidden in eco drive watches to absorb enough light to power the watch.

Light sensitive panel
- In eco drive watches there is a light sensitive photo electric cell hidden right underneath the dial. This panel converts light into electrical energy even in low light. A few minutes of winters dayligh provides enough energy to run a eco drive watch for a day.

Secondary Battery
- The energy that is produced is stored in a lithium battery and then released as necessary to run the eco drive watch. This battery will allow the eco drive watch to run for up to 6 months in complete darkness before it will stop working.


Mike said...

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mudeh said...

since my first use of citizen watch i have never thought of changing my choice of watch and it has never failed me by keeping to date and time.............mudeh (Cameroon)