Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Citizen Eco-Drive Watches!

These watches are truly unstoppable, they are powered by Citizen's unique ECO-DRIVE. I've encountered many people who are not aware that these watches do not require batteries, many customers walking in to our store are surprised to hear that these Eco-Drive watches are charged by light. And once they own one, they are thrilled.

So what is Eco-Drive and how does it work, for those who've never heard of Citizen's Eco-Drive, let's go over some important points: Eco-Drive watches absorb light, sunlight as well as artificial light to recharge the watch. This is done through the crystal and dial. When the watch is regularly exposed to light, it is continously recharging. Not to worry about those rainy days either! It has a 180 day power reserve. When the reserve depleats, it takes but four hours of ight exposure to be recharged.

But you don't have to wait for that final source of power to end before you start recharging, Eco-Drive has a great feature, a helpful and very important one which indicates when charge is low. This low charge warning causes the second hand to jump two seconds at a time but don't worry, it is still keeping the right time.

To recharge your Eco-Drive watch, simply place it in direct sunlight. You can also use fluorescent or incandescent lamp, the latter should be at least 22 inches away. There are a few NO-NOs, Never ever use halogen lamp, it will damage your watch. Also don't leave your Eco-Drive on a car's dash board or sitting in front of a window.

And there, a Citizen Eco Drive is a great watch, and I don't say that just because I sell them ;) I like that they will run continously in natural or artificial light for a lifetime without ever needing a trip to the jewelry store for battery! I also love my Citizen watches, because they are attractive pieces!

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