Monday, June 2, 2008

[Review] Citizen Skyhawk Chronograph Titanium Watch Y0010-50E

Customer Reviews

I have had several Citizen Eco-Drive watches. This is the best one yet because of the addition of being able to syncronize with the atomic clock, along with having a Eco-drive light powered battery.

AS far as I can tell, my watch is sycronizing with the atomic clock automatically each night--because when I compare times to my atomic clock table radio, they are both in perfect sync. I have manually synced several times and have experienced no problems in my Southern Cal location.

The watch has a lot of capabilities, sone of which I find valuable and some not:
Valuable--99 hour timer and chronometer, digital display, different time zones, and the UTC time
Less valuable to me--24 hour clock (I can usually tell if it AM or PM by looking through the window),the alarms (you almost have to be awake and have the watch next to your ear to hear them) and the dial "computer" (looks pretty complicated).

Setting up the watch and using the tools is fairly complex but generally intuitive. The UTC pointer is pretty hard to see when the need to align all hands to the upright position is required. Switching time zones is not too hard, but unless you have a good memory, you will want to have the instructions close.

The face is huge and you look like you are wearing a computer--I wear mind with the face inside, so passers by usually only see the back of the band.

The titanium is fairly light but I would guess that the steel version could be a bit on the heavy side.

The luminosity looks the same as any other watch--it would really be nice if it had teaser luminosity, like the Luminox.

The crystal is mineral but not sapphire--but I ultimetly manage to scratch any kind of crystal, anyway.

The band is a single clasp unlike the double clasp that I had on my previous Eco-drives. However, I used a single clasp Rolex for many years and never experienced any problems--so probably not a big deal.

If this watch has the features you want, this is the watch you can just put on and never take off.

It's not cheap.

I personally love it!

Citizen Skyhawk AT JY0010-50E Titanium

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