Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Citizen's new PC-compatible dive computer watch allows easy management of dive data and customized settings via a PC.

is a dive computer watch capable of two-way communication with a PC, permitting analysis of dive data and customization of settings via a PC. It combines the features of a diver's watch (such as depth sensor, thermometer, water resistance to 200m and high-visibility EL backlighting) with the functions of a dive computer (including calculation of residual nitrogen in the body and calculation of no-fly time), all in a watch-sized format.

Two-way data transfer between CYBER AQUALAND and a PC is possible via a wireless infrared link or using a special communication unit with USB cable.

Depth, temperature and other diving log data, also dive profile data, are measured and recorded during a dive. The data can then be transferred to a PC after the dive is completed.

Furthermore, it is possible to set alarm sounds, individual dive alarms, world time (inputting the name of any city), time to destination, and other functions from a PC. Information can also be displayed as a BMP file (e.g. for illustrations) on CYBER AQUALAND 's full-dot LCD.

Thanks to its infrared data port, CYBER AQUALAND can communicate with other CYBER AQUALAND models, too. This feature can be used to synchronize time and alarm settings, set dive alarms and commemorative dates such as birthdays.

Citizen Eco-Drive Aqualand Watch

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